Native & Pollinator Plant Nursery

Welcome to The Ladybug Garden! Due to health issues, our nursery is now closed. We have left the website up to serve as a reference for the plant varieties that we sold.

We were a small specialty plant nursery in Christiansburg, Virginia, owned by two sisters (Brenda and Debra Graff).

We sold perennial plants that support pollinators and other beneficial insects, with an emphasis on plants that are native to Virginia. We did not use chemical insecticides, including neonicotinoids, which can kill bees.

Brenda is a past president of the New River Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society, and has helped create and maintain several local community pollinator gardens.

Debra has a degree in organic agriculture, and has helped educate Master Gardener trainees. We both have decades of gardening experience, and we have enjoyed creating our own pollinator gardens.

Due to our limited space, we didn’t offer shrubs or trees. None of our plants were harvested from the wild. The Ladybug Garden did not sell any invasive plants listed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

We used sustainable practices in our nursery as much as possible, to reduce our carbon footprint, save wetlands, and recycle waste products. Please see our FAQ for more details.

Zoning regulations prevented us from allowing customers in our backyard nursery, and we did not ship plants.

Thank you for your interest in The Ladybug Garden!

Photo of Brenda and Debra
Brenda and Debra Graff