We are a small specialty plant nursery in Christiansburg, Virginia, owned by two sisters (Brenda and Debra Graff).

We sell perennial plants that support pollinators and other beneficial insects, with an emphasis on plants that are native to Virginia. We do not use chemical insecticides, including neonicotinoids, which can kill bees.

Due to our limited space, we don’t currently offer shrubs or trees. None of our plants have been harvested from the wild. The Ladybug Garden does not sell any invasive plants listed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Please see our SHOP to learn about the plants that we carry in our nursery.

Due to zoning restrictions, our backyard nursery is not open to the public.

See our shop. You can also contact us directly, if you’re looking for particular types of plants.

We buy young plants from wholesalers, which we pot up and grow. We do a limited number of cuttings and divisions from our own plants. We diligently make sure that our wholesalers do not use neonicotinoids or other systemic insecticides.

Our plants are grown outdoors, and not in a heated greenhouse. They are ready to be planted in your garden immediately upon purchase (they don’t need to be hardened off).

No, we do not use any kind of systemic insecticides, nor do we use any other chemical insecticides or herbicides on our plants.

We hold plant sales in various Christiansburg locations, dates and times to be announced in our calendar.

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

No, we are a small nursery, and only sell retail.

No, we do not. Please read the FAQ above labeled “How can we buy your plants?”.

We use sustainable practices in our nursery as much as possible, to reduce our carbon footprint, save wetlands, and recycle waste products.

  • For most of our plants, we use special fabric containers. These are made from a combination of recycled natural fibers and recycled plastic water bottles. These containers natural air prune the roots of plants to form healthy, vigorous root balls that quickly establish in the soil once planted. There is very little circling of roots in the container. These containers also keep the root balls much cooler in the summer heat, and allow the roots better access to fresh oxygen.
  • We avoid the use of peat moss, which is removed from unique and fragile northern peat bogs and whose harvest is unsustainable.
  • We do not use chemical insecticides and herbicides on our plants.
  • Right now, being a very small nursery, we hand water our plants instead of using overhead sprinklers, which waste water by also watering the paths.