Butterfly Weed

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Butterfly weed
Asclepias tuberosa L.

Perennial native plant

Height:  1 to 2 feet

Width:  2  to 4 feet

Flower color:  bright orange

Bloom time:  summer

Light needed:  sun

Soil needed:  dry, moist.  Prefers well-drained sandy soils. Tolerates drought.

Notes:  This is one of the milkweeds that monarch caterpillars must eat to survive.  When it gets aphids, leave the plant alone unless it looks sick. Then, if necessary, hand spray with a water stream to get rid of them. Flowers can be cut and brought inside.

Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds
Resistant to deer

For more details, visit:  https://www.wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=ASTU

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