Coneflower ‘Pica Bella’ (Echinacea)

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Coneflower ‘Pica Bella’ or Echinacea
Echinacea purpurea ‘Pica Bella’ 

Perennial native cultivar plant

Height:  2 to 3 feet

Width:  2  to 3 feet

Flower color:  purple with orange center

Bloom time:  summer

Light needed:  sun

Soil needed:  moist, compost enriched, well drained soil

Notes:  In the Mt. Cuba Center pollinator cultivar  trials, this was the only coneflower cultivar to rate a perfect 5 stars out of the 75 species on trial.  It closely resembles the straight Echinacea purpurea so it looks very natural in your garden landscape as opposed to the other modern cultivars. It is an extremely good pollinator, and goldfinches and other birds eat its seeds.

Attracts butterflies, bees, flies, wasps and birds
Resistant to deer

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